The Seal is the most formal of our brand elements.


* Gold is reserved for the Office of the President.


The official Seal is the most formal of our brand elements and conveys the rigor, history, quality, and decorum of our brand and legacy. As the most formal element in our brand system, the Seal is reserved for official communications from the Office of the President as well as the following departments: the Office of the Provost, University Advancement, and the offices of the college deans.

Approved uses are business cards and stationery for all colleges, schools, and offices as well as official university documents, certificates, awards, plaques, and the highest- level university-sponsored events. The Seal may not be used on any other materials without express written approval from Marketing at [email protected].

3/4 inch


The safe zone around the lockup is equal to half the Seal’s height.

The Seal should be used in the core colors on black or white. Always strive for the option that provides the best visual contrast.

Due to contrast, do not place red Seal on black.

The Seal must never be manipulated or used as a design motif, pattern, or decoration.

Do not outline the Seal, add drop shadows, or alter the elements of the Seal.

Do not place the Seal on busy images.