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Gear and gifts send Northeastern’s brand out into the world.


Northeastern University requires vendors to obtain licenses for products featuring its name, logos, and other marks. This maintains the university’s brand and guarantees that products bearing Northeastern’s name are manufactured by socially and ethically responsible vendors that comply with fair labor standards, as defined by the Fair Labor Association and the Workers’ Rights Consortium. Northeastern University is a member of both of these institutions.

Northeastern asserts ownership and all rights, titles, and interest in and to its indicia, including all trademarks, mascots, slogans, and any other identifying marks associated with or referring to the university.

Northeastern schools, colleges, departments, centers, institutes, registered student organizations, and other university organizations that use Northeastern marks are exempt from paying royalties if the merchandise is for internal use and not for resale. However, these groups must still use licensed vendors.

Northeastern prevents misrepresentation of its mission, goals, and reputation through careful monitoring of products carrying our marks. Every use of Northeastern-registered marks and logos—by external and internal groups—must be approved. Northeastern handles monitoring and licensing of its trademarks in partnership with the IMG College Licensing. To seek licensing approval or for more information, please contact [email protected].

Approved Vendors

To ensure quality, consistency, and the appropriateness of a product’s design, purchases for marketing products featuring Northeastern branding must be made from licensed vendors, even when products are for internal use only. IMG maintains a searchable approved vendor list.

By working together, our brand is stronger. The university has a strict Brand Governance policy for review and approval of all media plans and creative assets before they go into market.

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