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Signature lockups define relationships within the university.

Primary Type A – Monogram + Lockup

Primary Type B – N+Motto + Lockup

Informal Lockup

Primary—Type A


The Primary—Type A lockup combines Northeastern’s Wordmark, the Monogram, and the college or department name. This version is flexible and works in both small and large sizes.



Primary—Type B
The Primary—Type B, or N + Motto, lockup is a bold variation of the standard lockup. It’s one of our signature marks, but it works best in large formats.

Note: This version works best in print and must meet minimum size requirements in digital and print spaces.

The most flexible of the signatures, this version may be used on its own or combined with any of the core university marks.

All Signature Lockups can be sized down until the height of the “N” is 15 pixels high in digital environments or 1/8 of an inch in print environments.

The clear space around the lockup should be equal to half the height of the N.