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Our Global University System

Fully integrated and locally informed, our global university system provides our community and partners unique opportunities across a vast range of geographic, political, and cultural contexts. The system serves as a platform for scaling ideas, partners, talent, and solutions, making the work of our students, faculty, and collaborators richer and more consequential.

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Communicating about our Global University System

The global university system is a significant differentiator. However, it’s not a proper noun or sub-brand. The best way to convey the benefits is to show, not tell, our audiences the measure of its impact.

Avoid relying on the word “global” alone to do that work. Focus instead on stories and facts about our students, faculty, alumni, and partners that demonstrate our global reach and the benefits of learning, working, and doing research in diverse contexts around the world.

Finally, consider how customer service and digital experiences support a global enterprise, as well as differences in language and customs.

In communicating our brand across the world, it’s critical to project a global mindset. Marketing and media plans and assets must also translate among locations and cultures. Use market intelligence to leverage our various pillars appropriately in plans, messages, and tactics, and submit plans and assets to Marketing for review and approval before they go into market.