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The Monogram is an iconic mark that provides flexibility.



red monogram

When possible, incorporate the red Monogram in materials to establish the vibrancy of the Northeastern brand. When using the red N, be sure not to overwhelm the materials with a sea of red, as too much red will diminish the strength of the mark.

notched n motto

Use the N + Motto in bold ways to create a statement and establish a visual hierarchy in materials.

Note: When you use the N + Motto, be sure to also include the full name of the university somewhere in the content. The university name can be in the context of a lockup or in the text. Some exceptions may apply to swag items and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

The Monogram has the greatest legibility of all our marks and can go as small as 20 pixels high in a digital environment.

The N + Motto has limited legibility at small sizes. For smaller sizes, default to the Monogram.

red monogram

The clear space below and above the Monogram or the N + Motto should be equal to the height and width of the N.

The Monogram should not be cropped. One exception is if the ā€œNā€ wraps around a surface to fully display the letter.

Do not distort the proportions of the Monogram or add drop shadows.

Do not alter the colors. Only the primary brand colors are permissible.

Do not combine elements.

Do not distort or skew the mark.

Do not add drop shadows or gradients to the mark.