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Our most powerful tool for bringing experience to life across our brand.


There’s a deeply engaging quality to Northeastern photos, allowing you to experience a distinct moment. Plan for images that can illustrate a concept or that show something unique to the subject or Northeastern.

An intentional point of view

Our bold photos draw you in, offering opportunities to interact with other brand elements. To tell the story clearly, use images with a strong focal point. An image can draw the viewer’s eye and evoke a feeling or idea.


We focus on capturing images across university life: portraits, campus life, academic, experience, and research. Source photography that can provide an authentic look into real moments between individuals and their surroundings. When possible, find images that are bold with exaggerated color, have artful detail, or unexpected extremes of scale.

Digital Repository Service

Use myNortheastern credentials to access our online platform for photos by our staff photographers.

Use photo credits when featuring these images in your content.


Members of the news media and external organizations are prohibited from taking photos, audio, video, or other recordings on our main campus or global locations without first receiving approval from the Office of Communications. Please call 617.373.5471  or email [email protected].

In addition, media or external organizations that plan to photograph, film, or otherwise record members of the Northeastern community must first ask the subject(s) to sign a consent form. Download the consent form here.

Contracts and Consent to Photograph or Record

Departments and colleges that hire freelance photographers or videographers must coordinate with the Office of the General Counsel and complete a contract. The contract includes the language “work for hire,” which stipulates that Northeastern University is the owner of all material.

Before taking photos or videos of specific or identifiable individuals, photo/video professionals must obtain the subject’s permission to capture and use the image. Individuals can provide a broad scope of permission using this consent form.

According to the Office of the General Counsel, photo/video professionals must obtain signed consent forms to take photos, audio, or video in private settings, such as classrooms and other areas not open to the public. If the event is a gathering of many people, the photographer or videographer can post “Photographer/Videographer/Audio Recording in Area” signs at entrances in lieu of consent forms. Consent forms are not required for images captured outdoors or in other public spaces. However, please ask permission when possible.

Technical Guidelines

High-quality photography conveys professionalism, polish, and the power of Northeastern’s brand.

Resolution requirements
For print: 300dpi (JPG, TIFF, CMYK mode)

For web: 72dpi (JPG, RGB mode)

For video: recommended minimum of 150 dpi

Digital Repository Service

The Digital Repository Service (DRS) Communications Photo Archive is a comprehensive database of Northeastern photos accessible only to full-time Northeastern staff and faculty. Log in with your Northeastern credentials then start your image search. Visit the DRS search guide to learn how to strengthen your search strategies in the DRS. 

Click on any image thumbnail or the image title to view more details, including caption information, photographer credit, and usage restrictions. You can download small (600px wide) or large (1400px wide) versions of the full-resolution images. You can also check the box next to the desired size and add the image to a download queue. All images in your download queue can be saved as a compressed ZIP file.

Full-resolution images are available on request. To request a full-size download, please find the images you would like to use and send the URLs to [email protected] with a brief description of how you would like to use the images. 

Please direct questions about the DRS to the Library’s Digital Repository Service team.

Photo Credits

All photos, including those by freelancers and provided by The Associated Press, Getty, iStock, and other stock houses, require a photo credit alongside the image, at the end of a caption, or in the case of print the publication’s masthead. For example:
Photo/Associated Press

All photos by Northeastern photographers must have the following photo credit:
Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University
Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University

By working together, our brand is stronger. The university has a strict Brand Governance policy for review and approval of all media plans and creative assets before they go into market.

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