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Our voice is how we communicate our brand personality.

Like our brand, our voice needs to be consistent and clear. We speak as one Northeastern. 

Every editorial opportunity should use a tone that’s appropriate for the intended audience.


Who’s the audience?


How well does the audience already know us?


Are we explaining, telling a story, or trying to capture attention?

The tone of your communications should be most informal when communicating to current students and alumni, particularly when you are just trying to whet their appetite to learn more about your topic. You can be playful, witty, or edgy, but never flip.

At the other end of the spectrum, your tone in explanatory communications to professional external audiences—public officials, prospective partners, or other university leaders—should be more formal and straightforward, but never stiff or boring. It can be conversational without being overly casual or familiar.

In between these extremes, you’ll want to adjust the tone based on your answers to those three questions. And remember that strong writing always helps set the right tone.