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Supporting marks are our most informal brand elements.



Northeastern’s Latin motto, which translates to “Light, Truth, Courage,” becomes a modern graphic element when removed from its context in the Seal. Use the Motto as a creative way to help reinforce our brand’s heritage. Be sure to use it with another Northeastern mark, such as the Wordmark or Monogram.
The Ring is a flexible mark that can be used as a graphic element in a variety of environments. It suggests the classic university Seal without being overly dense or formal. Other graphics and marks should not appear inside the Ring mark.

The Motto can be scaled proportionally, allowing for sufficient legibility. Do not skew, distort, or crop the Motto.


The Ring can be scaled proportionally to many sizes, but it should be at least 1 inch in diameter. Do not skew or distort the Ring. Crop it to use it in playful ways; just be sure the entire word “Northeastern” is visible.

Use the Ring in playful ways by clipping or layering. The entire word “Northeastern” must be visible.

Do not fill the Ring with other graphics.

Do not add drop shadows or other elements.

Do not crop the Motto.

Do not place other marks with the Motto.

Do not skew the Supporting Marks.

Use only our primary and secondary brand colors.

Do not outline the Motto.

Do not use multiple colors within the Motto.