The Wordmark is the university’s primary logo and it has three variations. Whether or not to include “university” depends on audience and context. If your audience is familiar with our brand we recommend the more streamlined “Northeastern.” If your audience is not familiar with our brand, whether or not to include “university” depends on context. For example, if you’re using the Wordmark with another mark that conveys that we’re a university (a college lockup, for example), use the option that does not include “university” (it’s not needed); if the Wordmark appears on its own or in a lockup that doesn’t provide clarity that we’re a university, use the option that includes “university.”




Download the Wordmark file here.


The Wordmark should be set in the primary brand colors black, white, or red. On a color or photo background, set the Wordmark in the most appropriate primary brand color, typically black or white. You may use red where appropriate; however, note that in some instances it may not render well against darker backgrounds. Always strive for the option that provides the best readability.