The official seal is the most formal of our brand elements, and it must be used respectfully. It must never be manipulated or used as a design motif, pattern, or decoration. It should be used to convey the rigor, history, quality, and decorum of our brand and legacy.


Core Colors

Throughout the brand system with other elements in various lockups, the seal should only be set in the core colors: black, red, gold, and white.

HEX #00000

RGB 0 0 0

CMYK 100 100 100 100

PMS Black U

HEX #E50000

RGB 229 0 0

CMYK 4 100 100 0

PMS Bright Red U

HEX #A3874A

RGB 163 135 74

CMYK 35 41 82 9


Color Backgrounds

The seal should only be used in the core colors on black or white. When placed on a color background, the seal should only appear in black or white.












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