The official Seal is the most formal of our brand elements. It must never be manipulated or used as a design motif, pattern, or decoration. It should be used to convey the rigor, history, quality, and decorum of our brand and legacy.

As such, the Seal should be reserved for use by the following departments: the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Chancellor, University Advancement, and the offices of the college deans (including associate deans).

Exceptions to this rule are on a case-by-case case basis when the full academic weight of the brand is required. Examples include events with external academic partners and/or audiences, some student recruitment events, and certain government relations activities. These exceptions are subject to approval by Marketing prior to use.




Throughout the brand system and with other elements in various lockups, the Seal should only be set in the primary brand colors: black, red, and white.  When using the Seal placed on a color background or photo, set it only in the primary brand colors black or white; the red Seal should never be used on anything other than white. Always strive for the option that provides the best readability.



Gold Seal

The gold Seal is reserved only for the Office of the President.

gold seal