The N is the iconic mark for Northeastern. It can be used paired with the Wordmark to create a lockup. It also can be used on its own for audiences that are familiar with our brand and/or in contexts where the university brand is obvious; examples include avatars on social media account pages, large-scale campus space designs, and as a graphic element paired other contextual copy.



Download the Monogram file here.


Scaling, Cropping, and Size
The Monogram can be scaled proportionally to any size. Do not skew or distort the Monogram. When using the Monogram, the N cannot be cut off. The only time that it’s allowed to be cut off is if it wraps—to an inside front cover, for example.

The Monogram can only be used in our primary brand colors when being used stand-alone as the primary brand identifier. It may be used in any of our primary or secondary brand colors when used as part of a creative concept that includes additional university branding.