The effectiveness of Northeastern University’s identity system depends upon maintaining standards for websites as well as for printed communications. While variance in site design is necessary both to successfully incorporate the identity of a given unit within the university and to enable certain site-specific functional requirements, effort should be made to maintain a user experience that is recognized as part of the Northeastern University identity, maintaining a common thread of visual language.

This visual language includes standardized usage of common elements on Northeastern University websites, from placement and size of logos, to use of graphics and photos, as well as implementation of web typography. Adhering to these standards will ensure that web pages within the Northeastern site convey the strength of the Northeastern identity.

In addition to visual language, we strive on the web to uphold current best practices to provide our site visitors with the best possible user experiences. On today’s web, this means planning, when possible, for device-optimized experiences that best present content for a given screen size and interaction model.

While every effort will be made to keep these guidelines up to date with evolving web-development best practices, these guidelines cannot cover every case. If you have a question or issue that is not covered here, please contact the Marketing team’s Web department for assistance.

To request a WordPress account with two customizable Northeastern themes installed, please visit Web Development, Hosting & File Storage website.