Northeastern-produced videos must reflect Northeastern’s brand and be consistent with the style of other Northeastern products and publications. Visit the Brand Elements video page for design and content guidelines for Northeastern videos.

You can download all of the title slide templates from the downloads section.

Contracts and Consent to Photograph or Record

Departments and colleges that hire freelance photographers or videographers must coordinate with the Office of the General Counsel and complete a contract. The contract includes the language “work for hire,” which stipulates that Northeastern University is the owner of all material.

Before taking photos or videos of specific or identifiable individuals, photo/video professionals must obtain the subject’s permission to capture and use the image. Individuals can provide a broad scope of permission using this photo consent form.

According to the Office of the General Counsel, photo/video professionals must obtain signed consent forms to take photos, audio, or video in private settings, such as classrooms and other areas not open to the public. If the event is a gathering of many people, the photographer or videographer can post “Photographer/Videographer/Audio Recording in Area” signs at entrances in lieu of consent forms. Consent forms are not required for images captured outdoors or in other public spaces. However, please ask permission whenever possible.

For more information about contracts, copyright policies, and filming restrictions, please visit to the Office of General Counsel’s Contracts and Transactions page.