Celebrate Co-op with #NUexperience

Employers who offer co-op to our students can connect with us on social media by using this unique hashtag. Build your brand and attract top-tier talent by staying engaged with students on social media throughout the recruitment process. Use #NUexperience to showcase your status as a committed co-op partner, share your company’s story, and retain co-ops that are the right fit for your work culture.

What should you share?

  • Welcome your co-ops to the company.
  • Highlight co-op job responsibilities.
  • Praise progress or share a co-op project you are proud of.
  • Encourage applications for open co-op positions.
  • Thank your co-ops at the end of their time with you.
  • Ask your co-ops to share their own stories about your company.

Use #NUexperience and gain access to our combined network of over 400,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Get in on the conversation and get noticed.