Our Global Vision

Over the past decade, Northeastern has expanded its reach beyond Boston by building a global university system. We now have locations in the Massachusetts communities of Burlington and Nahant; Charlotte, North Carolina; London; Portland, Maine; San Francisco; Seattle; Silicon Valley; Toronto; and Vancouver that serve as platforms for professional graduate programs, customized educational partnerships, and research opportunities. Our global system also includes a worldwide network of more than 3,000 co-op partners and 255,000-plus alumni.

Keep in mind that the global university system is a strategy for the university—a critical driver of our academic plan, Northeastern 2025. It’s not a proper noun or a sub-brand. We should use terms that speak about Northeastern broadly wherever we are in the world, rather than narrow terms such as a program or campus.

Northeastern in San Francisco partners with industry to provide ways for employees to learn new skills and move up in their careers.

In Charlotte, Northeastern students can customize their graduate program to meet their goals.

Northeastern faculty in Seattle collaborate with local institutions on issues important to the region.

Northeastern students in Toronto take classes online and in class.

As a global brand, we need to show, not tell, our audiences the measure of our impact around the world. Avoid relying on the word “global” alone to do that work. Focus on characteristics and facts about the university that demonstrate our global reach.

Be sure to showcase that global experience at Northeastern is, by nature, immersive. That’s what sets us apart from most universities with more traditional international programs. Our students don’t just study abroad; they live and work overseas–sometimes with full language immersion–making them participants in a culture rather than observers, or “academic tourists.” Spotlight stories and use language that reinforces that message.

For example, this sentence only makes sense to an audience that knows what global co-op is:
She did two global co-ops during her time as a student at Northeastern.

Whereas, this description captures the truly immersive experience the student had:
While working in a small, Spanish-speaking-only clinic in a remote part of Guatemala, she helped deliver four preterm babies.

Be aware of word uses and spellings specific to the region, including other countries where English is the primary language.

Note the Canadian spelling of enroll:
If you’re looking to advance in the tech field, enrol in Northeastern’s master’s in cybersecurity in Toronto.

Northeastern’s global reach is also multifaceted. We view global experience as being as much about a diverse community in Boston or Seattle as it is about sending students overseas and establishing research partnerships abroad. Use statistics and descriptive copy to emphasize our diverse community throughout our locations. And find ways to highlight the university’s many cross-disciplinary global initiatives, in the U.S. and abroad.