Northeastern-produced videos must reflect Northeastern’s brand and be consistent with the style of other Northeastern products and publications. Below are design and content guidelines for Northeastern videos.

Opening Title Slide

Include no opening title slide; simply start the video.

Ending Title Slide

Use the Northeastern logo, preferably against a white background


If appropriate to the material, use the college, department, or campus lockup against a white background.


Don’t use the university seal anywhere other than the ending-title slide. Also, if the word “Northeastern” appears in the video, it must include “University.”


Lower Third of a Slide


General Guidelines

  • Use the lower third of a slide only to identify the subject.
  • Identify the subject on his/her first speaking appearance. The name and title can appear on the left or right side, depending on the subject’s location.
  • Identify each subject only once.
  • If a subhead, such as a title or department name, is too long to fit on one line, reduce the point size and run it over two lines.
  • Never let text extend beyond the right or left margin.

Naming Conventions

  • Use the subject’s full first and last name.
  • Add the subject’s middle name or initial upon the subject’s request.
  • Use the subject’s full, formal title, but if it’s long, use your judgment to shorten or abbreviate it.
  • If a staff person has more than one title, choose the title that is most pertinent to the story.
  • For subjects that are alums, add the degree code and year of graduation next to his/her name. If the subject is an alum of a renamed college or school, use the degree code for the most current name of the college or school. Find degree codes here.

Text Font and Color

  • Color: All text is white with small drop shadow
  • Subject name: FF Real Head Pro
    • Avid/Premiere Pro: size 38
    • After Effects: size 75
  • Subject title: FF Real Head Pro
    • Avid/Premiere Pro: size 26
    • After Effects: size 47
  • Northeastern red:
    • CMYK:  0 100 90 8
    • PMS: 186 C
    • HEX: #D41B2C
    • RGB:  212 27 44


Slide Examples


Action/Text Safe Zone (all text must be within this safe zone)


Red line extends no further than beginning letters of the text


Red line extends no further than last letter of text


Alumnus or Alumna

Alternatively, place the college/school name, spelled out, on second line.


Current Student

Degree on second line.


Faculty or Staff Member

Position and school on second line.


External Subject

Bold the company.


Title that Requires 2 Lines

Use a smaller font for the title.


Duration of Lower Third


  • Start lower third 0.5 to 1 second after cut.
  • We recommend that lower thirds not be extended across multiple shots. However, clip length may dictate an extension. Please ensure the lower third remains on screen long enough to read the name and title.
  • Minimum/maximum total duration: 4 seconds/6 seconds.
  • Cross-dissolve in and out, 10 frames, centered on cut.
  • Do not cross-dissolve out lower third if the shot duration is 4 seconds or shorter. Allow lower third to end on the cut.


Cross-Dissolve Diagrams


Ideal layout cross-dissolving in and cross-dissolving out over one video clip:


When a title is up for less than 6 seconds and touches a video edit, cut the title at the edit point with no cross-dissolve:

Exporting Slides

Low-Res Output (approvals only)

  • MPEG-4
  • 360p at 5000 kbits/s
  • 48kHz audio

HD Upload for YouTube

  • H.264 .mov
  • 1080p at 16000 kbits/s
  • 2-pass VBR setting
  • 48kHz audio

Full HD

  • H.264 .mov
  • 1080p at 16000 kbits/s
  • 2-pass VBR setting
  • 48kHz audio

Visitor Center

  • MPEG-4
  • 1080p at 16000 kbits/s
  • 720p at 6400 kbits/s
  • 48kHz audio