The versatility of our typefaces allows for creativity and expression, as well as consistency across a variety of audiences.

Print: FF Real Head

Northeastern’s primary typeface is FF Real. The family includes two versions: Head for large sizes and Text for smaller sizes. FF Real is an all-purpose typeface.

ff real

Digital: Lato

Northeastern’s primary digital display typeface is Lato.


Alternate Display Faces

Use one of these optional display typefaces for large headings when you want to convey a specific feeling. These examples range from soft to pronounced and everything in between.

Ordering Policies and Restrictions

You must obtain font licenses only for the production of university print publications. Employees do not need fonts for ordinary communications such as business letters or memos. To order, you must be a full-time employee of Northeastern University, and purchase the fonts through Reprographics. Fonts are $6 per license and you may obtain up to five licenses.

Fonts are designed to work on both Macs and PCs. Each font family can be loaded onto a single computer. Loading a font family onto multiple computers is a violation of the university’s vendor agreement.

Outsourced Projects
You may purchase FF Real for a freelance designer or external print production vendor for university projects only. Freelancers and vendors must abide by the licensing restrictions and may not use the fonts for non-Northeastern projects.

Contact Reprographics for licenses at http://www.collegiatepress.com/northeastern/

If you need a typeface that is not included here, you will need to purchase it from our font vendor, Monotype.