Secondary Lockups

A lockup is a combination of multiple brand elements that “lock up” to each other, meaning that they are presented as one unit with specified spacing and alignment. Secondary Lockups contain both Northeastern [University] and secondary identifying information, such as a college or department name.

Some of the variations also include another design element, such as the Monogram. There are three versions of each Secondary Lockup, ranging from informal to most formal: Secondary Lockup, N Secondary Lockup, and Notched N: Motto Secondary Lockup.

Each lockup comes in two formats: one with just “Northeastern” and another with “Northeastern University.” Whether or not to include “University” depends on audience and context. If your audience is familiar with our brand, we recommend the more streamlined “Northeastern.” If your audience is not familiar with our brand and may not recognize us as a university, we suggest using the full Wordmark. Note, that for College Lockups, the word “college” conveys that it’s a university, and so including “university” in the Wordmark is usually not needed.

Seal Secondary Lockup

The Seal Secondary Lockup is only to be used by the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Chancellor, University Advancement, and the offices of the college deans (including associate deans).


Secondary Lockups are created individually and therefore are not available for immediate download. If you are looking for your group’s lockup package, check with your marketing team. If you do not have a marketing team, email [email protected] to request your lockup package. Standard turnaround time for a lockup package is approximately one week.



Scaling, Cropping, and Size
The Secondary Lockups can be scaled proportionally to many sizes. Do not skew or distort the Lockups. When using the Secondary Lockup in a small application, use the N Wordmark Lockup version. The Notched N: Motto and Seal Lockups should only be used when they can appear at least 1 inch in height. The safe zone around the Lockup is equal to half the icon height.

The Secondary Lockups are available in many combinations of the primary brand colors: black, white, and red. They should not be used in any other color. All approved color combinations will be provided in your official lockup package from Marketing’s brand team.