Northeastern’s Latin motto, which translates to “Light, Truth, Courage,” becomes an elegant, modern graphic element when removed from its context in the university seal. Use the Motto as a creative way to help reinforce our brand’s heritage, and be sure to follow the guidelines below.


Download the Motto filesĀ here.


Scaling, Cropping, and Size
The Motto can be scaled proportionally, allowing for sufficient legibility. Do not skew, distort, or crop the Motto.

The Motto should be used only in the primary brand colors and with sufficient contrast.

Use the Motto in high-impact environments where you wish to convey the university’s heritage, but with a more modern, creative tone. Because most audiences won’t be familiar with our motto, it should always appear in proximity of an additional, complementary Northeastern mark, like the N or the Wordmark. Consider audience and context when deciding how close they need to appear to each other.