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The logotype is our primary wordmark. When used by itself, it can brand less formal communications that don’t require the full weight of the seal.


Core Colors

When standing alone, the logotype should be set in the core colors: black, red, gold, and white.

HEX #00000

RGB 0 0 0

CMYK 0 0 0 100

PMS Black C


RGB 212 27 44

CMYK 0 100 90 8

PMS 186 C

HEX #A4804A

RGB 164 128 74

CMYK 33 46 80 10


Color Backgrounds

On a color background, set the lockup in one solid core color: red, gold, black, or white. The same applies to the logotype.

Seal Lockup


The seal lockup is our official wordmark. It combines the formal and the informal to present a recognizable and consistent identity across campus and across the world.

seal lockup

Spacing and Seal Size

The space between the seal and type is equal to the width of the lowercase “n” from the logotype. “Northeastern” is center-aligned to the seal, and “University” should be bottom-aligned to the bottom of the seal.


The seal size can be determined by following this alignment and knowing that “Northeastern” and “University” should ultimately be separated by about half the height of the lowercase “n.”

Safe Zone

The safe zone around the lockup is equal to half the icon height.


It’s best to keep the lockup left-aligned, and on the left side of a composition. Think of it as a graphic element rather than a headline. This gives everything a more balanced feeling.


The only colors you may use for the seal are red and gold. Set color seals on black or white only.

Don’t change the proportion, composition, or orientation of the seal and/or logotype.

Don’t lock up the logotype with anything but the seal.

Sub-brand Lockup

Logotype + Sub-brand

Starting with our core Northeastern lockup, swap in a college, department, or program in place of “University,” and set it in FF Real bold. And remember, “Northeastern” should be set in our custom logotype mark, not typed out.

Three Tiers

Get more specific. The first, umbrella sub-brand is set in Northeastern’s type, and the bottom, terminal sub-brand is set in FF Real bold. The terminus of any lockup is expressed as the focal point; it’s the most important part of the message. Reflect that with the leading, keeping the terminus set a bit apart. Remember, “Northeastern” plus two sub-brands is the maximum.


You can neaten up the lockup by simplifying the context. Use this variation in situations where the context is clear (e.g., on signage).


The N monogram lockup is a graphic, bold variation of the standard sub-brand lockup. The sub-brand should bottom-align to the N monogram. Please note: this is for print use only.

Sub-brand Lockup Architecture

Scale and Emphasis

Keep the focus on the department with type weight and size. Unlike the standard lockup, the department copy may not line up with the bottom of the seal; that’s OK.

The “Northeastern” logotype and the seal should stay scaled in relation to each other. The seal size should be 2/3 the width of the “Northeastern” logotype—as wide as “Northeas—.”

Judge the sub-brand’s size by how it relates to the “Northeastern” logotype. It should never be smaller, but it can be a great deal bigger.

As for maximum size of the sub-brand type, it’s all about proportions. Try to keep it sized so that “Northeastern” isn’t less than half the width of the longest sub-brand line.



The seal should always center-align with “Northeastern.” For spacing, rely on the lowercase “n” from the logotype. Use one n-space of width between the seal and text, and one, one-and-one-half, or two n-spaces of height as a leading guide. Keep in mind that the terminal sub-brand should be set a bit apart, and that slight accommodation may need to be made for long ascenders and descenders.

Sub-brand Lockup Typography

Large Lockup

Use the larger scale to increase the focus on the sub-brand.

Large Lockup, Stacked

Let longer names stack rather than extend too far horizontally.

Small Lockup

If names are long or space is tight, use the smaller focus type and make the lockup more horizontal.

Lockup, No Seal

In some contexts, the type lockups can stand alone, generally in a space where Northeastern logo elements are already being used.

Sub-brand Naming Convention

Retain “School/College of”.

Omit “Degree in” and ”Programs”.

Omit “Department of” unless it’s needed for clarity.

Retain “Center for/Institute of” unless it matches a title.

Omit “Office of” unless it matches a title.

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